Transaction Advisory Services

Consulting & Advisory

Business Case Development

o We support State Owned Enterprises by assessing and evaluating options available to deliver required change and develop the associated business cases. Activities include:

  • Options appraisal and Net Present Value Analysis – including risk assessment
  • Initial development of financing and procurement approach, including consideration of various funding structures, such as project finance, corporate lending and bond financing

Commercial and Financing Structuring

o We develop the financial and commercial structures that underpin the preferred delivery option(s).

  • Development of detailed Payment Mechanisms
  • Assessment of regulatory or policy compliance
  • Negotiation with Private Sector on financial structuring and commercial and contractual provisions
  • Tax structuring

Strategic Delivery

o We act as commercial and financial advisors to support the delivery of major projects (supporting change) through a range of processes such as procurement, strategic partnering, joint ventures and market interventions.

  • Negotiations in the development of the overall commercial package – supported by technical and legal teams
  • Advising on the procurement and financial close process
  • Benchmarking of private sector financing terms and projected equity returns
  • Review of bidder financial models, including checking the transparency and reasonableness of bidder assumptions and confirming the bid “price” is accurately calculated based on bidder requirements
  • Drafting the financial elements of bid documentations and undertaking the financial and commercial evaluation of bidders to comply with procurement regulations

Capital Raising and Optimising

o We advise State Enterprises on options to enable access to private capital or to unlock the value of existing capital and resources.

  • Work with capital providers across the spectrum – equity (utility sponsors, infrastructure/pension/life funds) and debt (banks, multilaterals including International Financing Institutions, capital markets and export credit agencies) – to source finance for projects
  • Explore opportunities with credit enhancing bodies and Government support mechanisms such as Treasury Guarantee Schemes to reduce funding costs to meet affordability constraints
  • Develop the financial structure of projects such that it meets the requirements of the credit rating agencies

Supply Chain Management Consulting

Apart from supplying materials, WPE Solutions Limited provides Supply Chain Consulting Services. In addition to recommending supply chain frameworks to our clients, we go the extra mile to implement these solutions aiming to help our clients to save millions and billions in spend depending on the size of their company. Our experienced staff gets sustainable results fast that improve the bottom line and create competitive advantage. WPE Solutions through its partnerships has an in-depth understanding of the business requirements for real-world success.

We focus on using the best techniques and tools in ensuring we achieve not just unit price reduction, but even deeper and often untapped savings opportunities including:

  • Spend Consolidation
  • Demand Management
  • Product Rationalization
  • Value Improvement
  • Should Cost Analysis
  • Operational Cost Reduction
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Low-cost Country Sourcing
  • Process Analysis

Our delivery approach is flexible at its core. We configure solutions to suit your specific goals, ranging from multi-year programs to achieve specific savings targets, to short-term, category-specific engagements.