WPE Solutions Ltd.

OCTG, Line Pipe and Accessories

All pipe products carried by WPE Solutions Ltd (OCTG, Line Pipe and Accessories) is ordered to meet the standards set by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and API (American Petroleum Institute). On-time delivery of top quality products is made possible due to our partners having alliances with major mills around the world.

Accessories for use in oil and gas development

WPE Solutions Limited can supply a wide range of equipment for use in oil and gas development

Sucker Rods: We can offer sucker rods to API 11B as follows: Rod grade - C, D, K Diameter - 5/8", 3/4", 7/8" and 1" .

Coupling class T or slimhole, thread protectors and mill varnish. Rod guides and wrench flats available. We can also offer wellheads, drill bits, drill collars, centralizers, accessories, compressors, pumps and workover rigs etc.

STM Cementing

WPE Solutions Limited are suppliers of the 'STM' range of cementing equipment; float shoes and collars, stage collars, cementing plugs, rigid and springbow type centralizers etc., as well as the full range of Liner Hangers. More complete specifications can be sent by specific request. Items can be delivered export-packaged either in conjunction with your tubular delivery or shipped separately.

Alternatively, in most instances we are also in a position to make up joints, which we can also ship with your tubular order. A 'one stop shop' for your tubular and jewelry requirements, please revert for full details.

Well Screens

WPE Solutions with its relationship with Petroleum Pipe Company provides durable, high quality wire wrapped screens for the oil, gas and water industries. Manufacture is undertaken in a state of the art facility, with full ISO 9002 approval. API and other internationally recognized standards are applied for raw materials and manufacturing processes as applicable. Notwithstanding, production of screens for sc liquids, and gas utilization has been ongoing since 1985.

The supply range of screens available is from 2" to 18" in diameter with lengths up to 40ft standard. Material grades range from carbon steel (galvanized at buyer’s option), API 13cr equivalents, SS304, SS316, and duplex steel materials. Specials can be considered on request. We can offer wire-wrapped base pre-pack, slim-pack and morata-pack screens.

Pipe base and premium screens can be offered with API and Premium threads, in all API grades including 13cr, as well as most proprietary grades, including high chromes (22-28%) and duplexes. Oilfield screens have been supplied by our partners directly to a number of multinational Oil Companies and Service Companies worldwide, including Shell, Caltx, Conoco Philips, Unocal, Exxon Mobil, Baker Hughes Schlumberger, and Weatherford.

We would be very pleased to be of service to you, and welcome all enquiries, which can be addressed as follows. Additionally, we can offer the services of our applications and service engineers through our partners, who can be of assistance right from design stages through to installation. For all queries, contact info@wpesolutionsltd.com for all of your requirments.