Pipe Management


WPE Solutions Limited can provide a full pipe management service to its customers within Nigeria. Pipe can be stocked and shipped to any part of the country using a 'call off' system for shipments if required.

The stockyards used by WPE Solutions Limited are operated in accordance with all local environmental regulations. Our yard personnel carry out full inventory and maintenance on site. All pipes are checked periodically and recommended cleaning procedures adopted for the protection of pipe surfaces and connections.


WPE Solutions Limited ensures that all specification requirements are met for all inspections, however, we also encourage our customers to undertake third party inspection for all goods purchased. For goods supplied ex-mill, a third party inspection company conducts the inspection and issues a final inspection release note prior to shipment.

For goods supplied ex-stock the inspector typically carries out a scope of inspection, determined by the buyer to meet their requirement, usually VTI (visual thread inspection) and FLD (full-length drift), stencilling of shipping mark and length tally. The inspector is required to issue a final inspection release note prior to shipment. Following this standard process ensures our customers that the goods fully meet their requirements. All non-conforming or rejected goods can easily be arranged for repair or replacement.


WPE Solutions is able to offer consignment stock facilities (frame contracts) on a case-by-case basis. We can offer this service within Nigeria (Lagos/Port Harcourt) for all products in our range. Our Partner’s skilled staff have experience initiating and overseeing the smooth running of consignment stocks. We can arrange storage, handling, distribution, maintenance, and accurate record keeping.

By working closely with frieght and handling companies we can ensure desptach of tubulars on a 'just-in-time' basis from consignment stock held for our customers. The tubulars are then replaced in time for the next call-off. We can take any surplus, unused pipes remaining after the drilling program is complete.