Drug & Alcohol Policy Statement


It is the policy of, WPE to prohibit the use of all drugs and alcohol capable of influencing the normal actions of an individual by affecting his central nervous system and the brain while performing company activity or within company or client’s facility. Such drugs and alcohol include but not limited to beer, stout, whisky, brandy, tobacco, Indian hemp, cocaine, heroin, LSD and such related drugs.

WPE Solutions Ltd may at her discretion in routine pre-employment screening subject a prospective employee to medical checks designed specifically to prove whether or not such a person uses drugs or alcohol or both. Refusal to submit to such medical examination may result in denial of employment

WPE strictly forbids smoking in all offices and work sites because of the harmful effects of nicotine on the health of the smoker and even others, as well as the attendant risk of fire outbreak likely to occur from smoking. Violators of our non-smoking policy may, therefore, be dismissed without prior warning based on the result of the investigation of any staff charged with smoking at work site or office.